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I am Djordje Djokic, European Privacy & Data Protection Law Professional

Currently I am working for INTERPOL where I deal with international privacy & data protection issues.


I evaluate project proposals and review ongoing projects as independent expert for the European Commission.


As co-founder & editor-in-chief of PravoIKT, I lead its growing team of contributors.

PravoIKT: Serbian ICT Law Resource

I previously worked with Bearstech - a Paris based IT company, ZS Law Office and the Government of Serbia.

Bearstech   ZS Law Office   e-Government

In 2011 I published a book exploring the evolution of the concept of privacy in Europe.

Protection of Privacy online and the Council of Europe

For more than 15 years I played classical trumpet and guitar. Now I also enjoy photography.

The Lightlistener

My full professional biography is available on LinkedIn. For job offers and speaking engagements, please send me an email.

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